• 2021 Guangzhou International lighting exhibition
    2021 Guangzhou International lighting exhibition
    • July 12, 2021

    Welcome to Guangzhou international lighting exhibition on August 03 to 06, 2021 New excellent products will arouse your interests and help you to expand your business line. Booth number :2.2 pavilion E18 Looking forward to your visit!

  • How to evolve a competitive smart led lighting?
    How to evolve a competitive smart led lighting?
    • May 31, 2021

    With Covid-19 virus been serious in Guangzhou,Guangzhou international lighting fair was sunddenly postponed and date yet to be confirmed.This really makes our lighting industry people upset.However,we haisen would like to share our new product---Type C base of our HD07VR series motion sensor,which is estimated to display on our booth here online.We hope this product will ignite your passion to develop innovated competitive lighting product. At the first sight of our Type C base of our HD07VR series motion sensor,could you image it's designed for what kind of led lighting? Here's some pictures for your tips. Our Type C base advantage---motion sensor head swap Basically our Type C base is recommended to apply in led lowbay,led highbay,led flood light,led shoplight and led shoebox light etc.Once our Type C base is designed within the light,you can swap our PIR motion sensor head,Microwave motion sensor head,Light sensor head,Bluetooth PIR motion sensor head and Bluetooth microwave motion sensor head to make many smart motion sensor led light with fantastic otherness and competitiveness based on same type C base. Our Type C base advantage---adjustable sense angle When asked what sense effect is best,our customers always give their different ideas,so is there a smart solution to fulfill all customers' demand? To solve this problem,we Haisen has put forward our adjustable type C base,so that you can customize your desired sense range and angle! Our Type C base advantage---IP65 for excellent environment-tolerance Due to the light which use our type C base normally was installed in outdoor or half-outdoor environment,the dusk,rain and wind etc will affect our motion sensor a lot,so we designed type C base as IP65 for excellent environment-tolerance.

  • Haisen exhited 3 NEWEST motion sensor series product on Ningbo International Lighting Show
    Haisen exhited 3 NEWEST motion sensor series product on Ningbo International Lighting Show
    • January 26, 2021

    As one of the most important issue in lighting industry,Ningbo International Lighting Show was successfully hold on May 13th to May 15th and attracted thousands of exhibitors and visitors.Haisen Technology,as the leader in motion sensor,we've brought the newest products to meet our customers,and below we'll leading you visit our 3 lightspots. Microwave and PIR motion sensor goes together,wireless technology helps realize synchronous sense and group control In past days,many Haisen customers asked us to extend our product to PIR motion sensor to meet some end customer's preference application,apart from our professional microwave motion sensor.Under this strong demand,we've developed tiny to big PIR motion sensor series product,covering bulb to bulk lighting application.Meanwhile,we've also displyed our bluetooth+motion sensor,2.4G RF+motion sensor product to fulfil cutsomer's synchronous sense and group control smart lighting requirement. Magic base and multi-change motion sensor head for massive lighting application Under current electrical supply chain crisis,Haisen technology has lauched its newest HD07 series motion sensor product,which is consist of 3 kind of base and 4 kind of motion sensor head.And our HD07 series motion sensor can be applied on led ceiling light,led flood light,led shoplight,led gas light and led UFO light etc.It can not only help customer extend competitive smart motion sensor lighting category,but also can help reduce the stock risk. Ultra tiny,ultra thin HDI motion sensor for utmost application With lighting product design being as tiny and thinner as possible,our customers also asked us to develop ultra tiny and ultra thin microwave and PIR motion sensor,so here they comes as below,we beliver our HDI series motion sensor can definitely help you develop a competitive lighting product series with fantastic appreance and fabulous lighting effect product!

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