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We take responsibility for every unit of the microwave motion sensor product we manufactured. 

Before they get shipped out from our factory, we take series tests of wave control, light control, detection distance in simulated environment conditions and self-excitation test.

Customers who have started cooperation with us should have the feeling that we ask questions about the application before we start talking about numbers. Because we fully understand the issues that could affect the performance of a microwave motion sensor are not only the height and speed of the moving objects, also about the size, location, wall material of the environment. So we collect all the necessary information, discuss about all the possibilities and simulate the application environment to test the sensors. 

If the products will be applicated in other countries, we will ask even more questions and create a worse condition to test the sensors to ensure when customers receive them, they don't have much to worry about. Not only because we totally understand the labor cost will be so much higher than in China, but also because we hope to protect our customers's good name and reputation. 

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