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Energy Saving Light Switches Dimmable Motion Sensor 200W IP20 5 Years Warranty

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HAISEN
Certification: CE RoHS TUV RED SAA
Model Number: HD05V-CRH
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bubble pack, paper flat, outer carton.
Delivery Time: 1-3 days for sample order, 1-2 weeks for bulk order
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200,000pcs per month
Specifications Product Description Request A Quote
Input Voltage: 120~240VAC 50/60Hz
Certificate: CE RoHS TUV RED SAA
Max. Load: Max.200W
Function: ON/OFF Function、dimming Fuction And Remote Control
Warranty: 5 Years
Operating Temperature: -20°C~+55°C
Mounting Height: 8-15m/26.25-49.2ft(cceiling Mounted)
IP Rating: IP20
High Light:

dimmable occupancy sensor


dimmable pir sensor

Product Description

Energy Saving Light Switches Microwave Motion Sensor Detached Design Dimming Function



1. 5.8GHz microwave motion sensor with dimmable function.

2. Smart swithes and dimmers when detecting movement of objects.

3. Dual setting by DIP switch and remote control.

4. Tri-level control by 1-10v output.

5. Suitable for tri-proof light. 

6. IP 20 with 5 years warranty.

7. Sensitive and reliable.

8. 8-15m high altitude installation.


Product Description

Operating voltage 120-240VAC,50/60Hz
Switching capacity Max.200W(Control gear)Max.400W(Incandescent lamp)
Stand-by power 1w
control method on/off / 1-10v dimming/remote control
Microwave frequency 5.8GHz±75MHz
Microwave power <0.3mW
Detection area 50%/100%
Hold time 5s/30s/1min/10min
stand-by period 0s/30s/20min/
stand-by dimming level 10%/20%/30%/50%
daylight threshold 2Lux/10Lux/50Lux/Disable
interfaace 6-pole pluggable clamp terminal(L,N,N,L',1-10V+,1-10V-,)for 0.75-1.5mm² cable
Mounting height 8m-15m/26.25-49.2ft
deteation range MaxØ14m/45.93ft
motion detection 0.5–1,5m/s
operating temperature –20–+55
IP rating IP 20
Warranty 5 years


      ON/OFF Control          Detection Area        Daylight Threshold           Stand-by Period


    Warranty 5 years               Hold Time          Stand-by Dimming Level      8-15m Highbay


Detection Range

This figure indicates the maximum distance at the highest mounting height with 100% sensitivity.

Typical installation height 8-15m.


Mechanical structure

With nine DIP switch poles to set all parameters

With six poles to easily connect with LED driver and power supply

With two installation hole, easily fixed to the lighting fixture for end user.

The separation of the sensor can be  small to fit into the LED PCB board


Detection Area:

In this area, movement will be detected and able to trriger the sensor,100% detection area is known as the strong sensitivity.


Hold Time:

The period of light keeping 100% brightness after moving objects leave the detection area.


Daylight Threshold:

Definition of the ambient brightness;only when the ambient brightness is lower than the preset spcific lux amount,the sensor will work;when it's preset as "disable",the sensor works everytime it detects motion regardless the ambient brigtness.


Stand-by period:

The period of light keeping low output before it's compeletely switched off,when it's preset as"∞" the light always keep at low output if no movement in the detection area and doesn't turn off.


Stand-by dimming level:

The difinition of low output in the stand-by period.


Application Demo 

1. Automatically ON/OFF function:

Light on when detect movement and off after people leave at night. Applications: Corridor, Staircase.


With sufficient daylight,                 With insufficient daylight,             After the last detection and
even when motion detected,          when motion detected, light ON.   the present hold time
light remains OFF.                                                                               elapsed, light OFF.


2. No daylight function
The daylight threshold is set to "Disable".
Light on when detect movement, After people leave, Light off after stand-by period.
Applications: Dim places such as Basement Parking, Underpass.


When motion is detected,              After people leave the detection    After the last detection and
the sensor will switch on the         area, light remains 100%                the present hold time
light to 100% brighteness.             brightness within hold time.          elapsed, light OFF.


3.Function Demo-Dimmable control/Corridor function

With sufficient daylight,    With insufficient          After the last detection,      After the stand-by period

even when motion           daylight when               the light will be dimmed     light off.

detected,light                  motion detected,          down to the stand-by 

remains off                      light on,                       dimming level

                                                                           (10%,20%,30% or 50%)

                                                                            after holdtime.


User Notes:

1.Microwave can penetrate walls or glass thinner than 20cm and attenuate if thicker than 20cm.
2. The driver voltage shall be stable and float within 10%.
3. Detection area will be affected by speed of motion, mounting height and movement volume.
4. Conduct test on sunny days without the lampshade which will affect the tested lux value.


Memory & Apply Mode

1. Press "ON/OFF button" to turn on the light or off.

2. To reset the parameters, Please follow the steps as below:

Step 1 - Press ON, to turn on the light if it was off at the start.

Step 2 - Press "Start" to the well-setting sensor.

Step 3 - Press the button of Detection range, Hold time, Stand-by dimming level,

Stand-by period and Daylight threshold one after the other in sequence (Press "+/-" to

set parameters).

Step 5 – Press “Memory” to memorize the settings.

Note: The interval of each parameter setting shall be controlled within 30s.

Isolated Setting Mode

1. Press "ON/OFF button" to turn on the light or off. Press "Scene", the remote will

activate settings that were saved last or remain at the factory default settings.

2. To reset the parameters, Please follow the steps as below:

Step 1 - Press ON, to turn on the light if it was off at the start.

Step 2- Press any button of "Scene", Test" and "Apply" to begin the sensor detection


Step 3 - Press the button of Detection range, Hold time, Stand-by dimming level,

Stand-by period and Daylight threshold one after the other in sequence.

3. To programme other lights in the array that have similar sensors to the same


Step 1 - Press "ON" to the second sensor

Step 2 - Press "Apply"


1. Settings will be saved automatically and remain until you press reset again.

2. Light will flicker when setting each parameter.

3. The icon will flash when setting the corresponding parameter.



HD05V-CRH .pdf



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